About Us

We launched our brand in November 2020 with one goal in mind; to provide a platform for lovers of color to find quality, affordable, and colorful lipsticks. Our mission is to encourage women to live confidently, boldly and unapologetically. We cater to the "crazy" girl who is not afraid to embrace ALL of her personalities. She's found her voice, but lets her lipstick do all the talking!

Lipstick has no limits so don't let your age, profession or skin tone keep you from trying that lip color you've been thinking about. You are never too young, too old, too tall, too short, too thin or too thick to be the BEST version of yourself possible, but it takes confidence in order to reach that level of success; and that's what we offer here at Color Crazy Lipsticks --- Confidence in the form of lipstick!

Go color crazy and shop our collection of bright, bold and colorful lipsticks to match your unique personality. Search our site to find top brands like Revlon, Cover Girl, NYX and our very own line of lip products exclusive to Color Crazy Lipsticks. Now go show the world how crazy you are in your new shades of COLOR CRAZY LIPSTICKS!

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